About ANA

Vision: To imbue Amanfoo in North America towards enhancing the image of Prempeh as the foremost high school in Ghana.

Mission: To forge synergy among Amanfoo groups in North America on ideas, resources and events and to liaise with larger Amanfoo family to actualize the ideals of Prempeh.

To fulfil its Vision and Mission Amanfoo North America shall do as follows:

A) Promote, maintain and uphold the image, ideals and core values for which Prempeh College was founded;

B) Encourage and raise the level of academic standard and intellectual development at Prempeh College, and enhance the welfare and advancement of the School;

C) Promote, foster and maintain cultural and educational exchange between Prempeh College and various cultural and academic institutions in North America;

D) Build, foster, and sustain the spirit of understanding, brotherliness, mutual assistance, cooperation and solidarity among Amanfoo in North America;

E) Coordinate the activities of the various Amanfoo groups in North America and pool together resources to invest in programs and infrastructure at Prempeh College;

F) Raise and maintain funds through dues, contribution, events and other such activities in furtherance of items (A) to (E) above