The Stool

Spring 2018

SPRING GREETINGS by Samuel Alooma Borquaye, ANAPEF President: On behalf of the ANA and ANAPEF Boards it is my duty and honor, as we usher in warmer weather to wish Amanfoo a happy spring season. We are happy to report remarkable progress with the Endowment Fund. Thus far, the investment committee has invested over $100,000 on behalf of ANAPEF. Even as we cheer our early successes, let us keep our eyes on our goal: the intermediate objective of raising $1 million, and supporting Prempeh College with all our resources. Let us dig deep to help! Prempeh College needs us now.

Winter 2017

SEASON’S GREETINGS by F. Yaw Berkoh Nketia, ANA President: It is that time of the year to wish you and your loved one’s season’s greetings. I hope you have a great end of year. You are also welcome to the first edition of the ANA’s seasonal newsletter. As we privately reflect on what went on during the past year and follow up with resolutions to do better in the coming year, let me take this opportunity to do likewise for the ANA. As Amanfoo we are known for excellence, diplomacy, intelligence, hard work, poise and charity.