ANAPEF – the raison d’être

Prempeh College’s student population currently stands at 3000 instead of the original 900 it was intended for. Not unexpectedly, resources are grossly inadequate. This situation coupled with the maintenance culture (or its lack thereof), has led to the deterioration and decay we see at Sofoline lately.

Given the limited government support, historically, Amanfoo have always risen to the occasion and supported the school. Unfortunately, the modus operandi of making contributions in fits has become burdensome and difficult to sustain.

Donor fatigue is slowly creeping in primarily because of the maintenance culture. The nagging question is: how do we make a long lasting contribution and how do we “protect” our investments.

From the outset, ANA thought long and hard about this situation and considered a fund. As most will recall, about $40,000 cash was raised at the inaugural fundraising dinner for the then proposed Endowment Fund. After the fundraiser, ANA commissioned a 4-member committee to establish the ANA Prempeh Endowment Fund (ANAPEF) expressly for this purpose.

The ANA board is proud to announce the successful establishment of ANAPEF registered in the state of Texas. The fund will be administered by the ANAPEF board, and projects will be undertaken in conjunction with the school.

The ANAPEF board comprised of Seniors Francis Yaw Berkoh Nketia, Richmond Kyei Fordjour, Kwasi Peprah Abrefa Kodom and Kwabena Osei Mensah. We salute those seniors for the countless hours they spent in putting ANAPEF together.

A 7-member ANAPEF board was duly constituted following the successful launching of ANAPEF. Senior Dr. Alooma Borquaye was elected ANAPEF president along with Seniors Kwadwo Osei-Akoto (1976/78) as Secretary and Richmond KyeiFordjour (1988/90), as Treasurer. Other board members include Seniors Dr. Vernon D. Darko (1989/91), Daniel Owusu, Linda Adjei-Kontoh, and J. Kojo Kittah. Samuel Borquaye DDS, is a dental surgeon with a practice in Texas. Kwadwo Osei-Akoto, a civil engineer lives in New Jersey. Richmond KyeiFordjour MBA, is a financial consultant and lives in New Jersey. Vernon D. Darko PHD, is an entrepreneur and serves on multiple boards including boards of Darko Farms, EQUIPXP®, and EXP Capital. He lives in Texas. Daniel Owusu MBA, an IT specialist with experience in the hospitality industry, lives in Maryland. J Kojo Kittah MD, a pulmonologist, lives in Wisconsin. Linda AdjeiKontoh CPA serves as the non-Amanfoo on the board. She is an auditor for the Texas comptroller of public accounts.

ANAPEF INVESTMENT COMMITTEE : A 5-member Investment Committee has been duly constituted following the successful launching of ANAPEF. The committee has been tasked with investing funds raised by ANA/ANAPEF. Seniors Sam Borquaye (1976/78), and Richmond Kyei-Fordjour (1988/90), ANAPEF President and Treasurer respectively, serve on the committee along with Seniors Kwasi Donkor (1993/95), Emmanuel Addai (1989/91) and Boachie Boamah (1979/81). Samuel Borquaye DDS, is a dental surgeon with a practice in Texas. Richmond Kyei-Fordjour MBA, a financial consultant lives in New Jersey. Kwasi O. Donkor MBA lives in Washington DC and is a senior policy advisor at the USAID. Senior Emmanuel Addai MBA is a finance and IT consultant with the FAA and lives in Virginia. Senior Boachie Boamah, CPA is an auditor and lives in Texas.